You never know where a chat with your group of besties will lead. But for us, our convos always involved our usual makeup routine in the morning and tips or tricks we use to spice things up for ourselves. After our convo ended and were about to go our own ways we couldn’t believe we never brought up eyelashes. We then realized how important a good set of eyelashes are to looking like a true princess!


Every woman’s eyelashes tell their own story. Your lashes are the window people see through to your soul, character, and inner beauty. At Katue Lashes we believe in giving every girl out there the most charming, unique, and lustful set of lashes you can wear to reflect your personality just right.


Whether you’re looking for something bold and volumized or light and charming that melts hearts, we have all the looks you need to feel your best when you head out the door.


Just like the purse, you take with you everywhere, a woman’s eyelashes are just as crucial to make your daily look really come alive with all the glam you need to feel good. Our eyelashes offer a variety of effects that widen, darken, or volumize your gaze so that no matter what man you come across they’ll be head over heels in love with you at first sight.


So if you’re ready to take your look to the next level, elevate your confidence, and bat your eyes with undeniable glamour then we encourage you to have fun shopping around at Katue Lashes with us!